Best of… shit you've (probably) never heard of before Vol. 2

Everything successful needs a second part, which is almost always worse than the first part but someone just needs to cash in.

Here’s the problem: I’m not getting paid for this, therefore I don’t do this because of cashing in but honest interest though. And this is why we’re not getting worse here, it only gets better.

If you haven’t read the first part of me covering unknown metal acts, well, shoot yourself or just go and read it now. And then come back and read this one. And then read the rest of the site. And come back daily. And tell your friends about us. And your grandma.

Just make the fucking jump already.


“Yes, Teotwawki.”
“What the hell?”
The End Of The World As We Know It.”
“Oh, Teotwawki.”

Melodic/Groove Death Metal with Rammstein-like riffs from the Netherlands. I’m not making this up and this band is actually pretty fucking good and so is their only full-lenght release ‘The Mass of Void’.

Sadly, it’s very hard to get your hand on their album or even finding information about them anywhere. That’s why I uploaded above track myself for your guys to enjoy.


How did I find out about Necroid? Well, their vocalist/guitarist Stefan Scheu joined Debauchery for a couple of gigs on guitar and when I’ve seen them, his Dean caught my eye. I’ve seen Debauchery live 3 times before that without him so after the concert, when I got home, I checked out their MySpace page and found a link to Necroid.

I bought both albums soon after that and while their first album, ‘Natural Disharmonies,’ sounds a bit unfinished, their second album, ‘Nefarious Destiny,’ definitely kicks ass.


Not as unknown as the other bands I’ve covered so far because they feature Chris Barnes, before he joined Cannibal Corpse and later on Six Feet Under, and two guys who later went on to form Malevolent Creation. Hardcore SFU fans, as myself, heard Leviathan’s only Demos, ‘Legions of the Undead’ and ‘Rehearsal 1987,’ on Six Feet Under’s ‘A Decade in the Grave’ Box Set.

Others probably haven’t heard it yet, so listen to the fucker now, for some early Death Metal, with lots of Thrash influences!

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