Best of… shit you've (probably) never heard of before

Who likes to find new music? One benefit of being a metalhead is that there are literally millions of bands out there to discover.

You want some Melodic Death from the mid-90’s? No problem. Thrash from the late-90’s? No problem. Brutal Death from the early-00’s? No fucking problem. It’s out there, just dig deep enough.

One portal that helped me discover “new” (not necessarily new in general but new to me) bands is Metal Archives. They basically cover every metal band that ever fucking played. No shit.

I’m going to give you a quick rundown of bands, that are fairly unknown but still pretty fucking sweet, after the jump.

Jump! Jump! Jump! Everybody jump!


Absurdus are a Melodic Death Metal band from Finland, who formed in 1992 and disbanded in 2000. They released only one album, ‘No Heaven in Sight,’ and three demos.

This album is a perfect bland of Heavy Metal and Melodic Death Metal. I discovered this band through their bassist and drummer who also played with…


Cryhavoc go even further with their mixture of Melodic Death and Heavy Metal. I’m not even sure if they classify as Death but their first album ‘Sweetbriefs’ incorporates lots of Death Metal elements.

I prefer their first album but above song is taken from their second record ‘Pitch-Black Blues’. I chose that song because I fell in love with both solos in the song.

Cryhavoc are probably best known for their song ‘Repent,’ which is featured on a Split-Ep they did with Wizzard and none other than Children of Bodom back in 1998.


If you like Melodic Death in the vein of (slow) Amon Amarth, you’ll love Wulfgar. They formed just 6 years ago and released a new album, ‘Midgardian Metal,’ this year. Check them out!

Warning S.F.

Hooray for early Thrash Metal! Warning S.F. formed in 1982, under the name of Warning, and recorded a demo in 1985. They split-up soon afterwards. Doesn’t sound like lots of fun but sometime in the early-00’s they were asked if some label could re-release their demo, in the wake of the return of Thrash. Warning agreed but only if they could record a couple of new songs, to complete a full album.

In 2002 Warning, now called Warning S.F. (San Francisco, you dummy), released their debut album ‘Aftermath,’ 20 years after forming. What a story, eh?

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