Best of… shit you've (probably) never heard of before Vol. 3

It’s the third day in a row that I’m bringing you metal acts you haven’t heard of before.

In numero uno and dos, I mainly showed you bands that aren’t active anymore (with the noteable exceptions of Wulfgar and Necroid) but this time I want to bring you closer to some bands that haven’t formed too long ago and aren’t being covered on the main metalsites I know, be it because they’re not signed to a big label or whatever.

Let’s just get right into it after the jump.

The Kandidate

This band started in 2005 under the name of The Downward Candidate and released a Demo, ‘Distort & Confuse,’ which I personally haven’t heard but plan on listening to soon. In 2009 they changed their name to The Kandidate and released their first album, ‘Until we are Outnumbered,’ earlier this year.

Loyal Death/Thrash listeners might recognize the vocals. That’s because singer Jacob Bredahl used to sing for Hatesphere, before they turned to shit.

This album is definitely a banger. Anyone who’s into Death/Thrash and/or Groove Metal should get this record.


Mechanism is a band that features Chris “The Heathen” Valagoa, of Zimmer’s Hole, on vocals, Gene Hoglan, of fuck-knows-how-many-bands (currently Fear Factory, for example), on drums and three more guys, that I personally haven’t heard of before.

Instead of sounding like Zimmer’s Hole, that features the two most prominent members of this band aswell, Mechanism scrapped all melody and went brutal and progressive. For lovers of Progressive Death Metal this is must-have.

Mechanism are currently unsigned and self-released their first album, ‘Inspired Horrific,’ last year.

My Own Grave

These four guys from Sweden play banging Death Metal, in the vein of Bolt Thrower and Hail of Bullets.

Bang your head and put on an evil look while listening to one of their two albums, ‘Unleash’ or ‘Necrology’. Sweet as fuck.

Devilsize / Godsize

I’m not sure what this band is called, Devilsize or Godsize. I think, I remember reading an Interview with Dan Nelson, talking about his former band Devilsize, but numerous sites refer to Godsize. Whatever.

What? Dan Nelson? Yeah, former Anthrax vocalist Dan Nelson. The guy who’s been part of the band, recorded their album ‘Worship Music’ with them just to never see it getting released. And what does Devil/Godsize sound like? Anthrax-like Thrash. That ironically sums it up best.

As I haven’t had the luck to find any recordings of Nelson’s former bands Me, My Enemy or Inside Hollow (who he seems to be working with again, according to his Twitter), this song seems to be the only studio recording, except the songs on his MySpace page, of Dan Nelson.

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