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Halloween headlines

Happy Halloween everybody. To celebrate it we’re gonna post you some completely non-related headlines, just to get into the spirit of things, ya know?

Ratt (pictured above) have the masculinity of a 12 year old teenage girl. They make Kirk Hammett look like Rampage Jackson. Their drummer, Bobby Blotzer, will be on some radio show, probably to talk about that and how they coped with bullies while growing up. It’ll be this Wednesday, November 3rd – at 3 pm E.T. on this website.

I have no idea who Triptykon are but the name sounds like an old SNES game about spaceships. Either way, some live footage is available, check it out after the jump.

Speaking of bands nobody heard of, Agalloch have a new song and it’s free. We always post about free shit because we’re cheap. You can hear it here.

Misery Index and Decapitated have been confirmed for the ‘Neurotic Deathfest‘ which will take place on April 29th and 30th of next year. Where? In Tilburg, Holland. Our advice is, if in Holland, buy weed and hookers and spend your time using them both in a hotel room. It’s legal!


A day of interviews


Today was a busy day. Seems that musicians talk way too much… Here’s a quick recap on who had what to say.

First and foremost, our very own Guido did an interview with Thomas Gurrath of Debauchery and Big Ball, and it’s the sweetest thing you’ll read all day. I’m posting the other interviews just so I could make this a “recap” and not “look, we’re awesome” post. Read on to check out a bunch of other ones.

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