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Helloween are big in Japan

Not really, but put this song in your head, didn’t I? I actually like that song, but then saw Alphaville live and almost got ear cancer.

Anyway, yeah, Helloween released a new album and the results are in! Well, how can I put this? They’re no AC/DC… They sold 1,900 copies in the United States.

Make the jump to see the chart position in other countries.


Are you metal enough for Helloween?

German power metal band Helloween have decided to have a little fun with their fans.  Slide on over to this site to prove Helloween how metal you really are.  I did the test and scored 100%.  It’s so ridiculous how metal I am.  Feel free to post your score.

Jump the page to see videos of each Helloween member showing how metal they are


A day of interviews


Today was a busy day. Seems that musicians talk way too much… Here’s a quick recap on who had what to say.

First and foremost, our very own Guido did an interview with Thomas Gurrath of Debauchery and Big Ball, and it’s the sweetest thing you’ll read all day. I’m posting the other interviews just so I could make this a “recap” and not “look, we’re awesome” post. Read on to check out a bunch of other ones.


Helloween stream

It’s almost Halloween and what better way to prepare yourself for it than by listening to Helloween? Cause, you know, they’re named “HELLoween” (see what they did there? replaced the ‘a’ with ‘e’ to play with both the words ‘hell’ and ‘halloween’  and it’s just genius)

So yeah, their whole new album is available for streaming on their MySpace page. ALL of it. WOWSA! It’s called “7 Sinners” and it will be released in North America on the 9th of November, but who will buy it if it’s free on the interwebs? Time will tell.


Are you metal, punk?

Helloween, the band who cleverly mixed two words, “Halloween” and “hell” (Helloween, Halloween + Hell, get it? Amazing stuff), released a new music video. And they only have one question… Do you feel metal? Well, do ya, you punks?

Video after the jump…

When asked why the beginning of the song sounds like Mortal Kombat’s theme, Helloween had no comment.

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