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The Big Four Guitar World cover is here

The Big Four are featured in a Guitar World issue and we got the cover exclusively! If by ‘exclusively’ you mean ‘stolen from Blabbermouth.’ The cover is after the jump, and by the looks of it, the magazine itself features a poster of Dave and Jaymz fist-bumping each other. Sounds awesome, too bad this isn’t 1985.

Anyway, the site Glenrock Patch conducted an interview with Scott Ian, Tom Araya and David Ellefson about The Big Four and you guessed it, same type of questions, same type of answers. Read the predictable article here.

If you’re going to the NY Big Four show, we’re hosting a party on Skype for you guys, we can all like, videochat and drink beer together!!! [/lies]


Araya gets a key

For those of you who don’t know, Tom Araya was born in Viña del Mar, Chlie, but moved to the States when he was 5. He later fronted one of the most influential metal bands of all time. The definition of the American dream. Or day I say, the American NIGHTMARE? Since, you know, that sounds more metal and less effeminate.

Anyway, apparently the mayor of his birthplace, Virginia Reginato (haha, virgin), will give him the key to the city. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know Chile had locks around their cities. There’s a cruel miner joke in there somewhere.

I’m kind of speechless; I don’t what to say. They’re probably gonna change the locks when they give me the key. [Laughs] It’s an honor. I think it’s great. I don’t have a reply. I’m more speechless than anything. It’s not something I expected. That’s never happened before. You see other people receive rewards like that, but it’s usually people of political status or someone that’s really done something for the community or done something important. I’m excited. I don’t know what to expect. . . All I can say is: thank you. That’s about it. said Tom while weeping.

Read full article here.

Since Tom likes keys so much, I am officially giving him the key to Dose Of Metal. Tom, if you’re reading this, make the jump to see it.


Slayer return to the stage

Despite every obstacle being thrown in Slayer‘s direction recently (well, old age mostly I’d guess), with Araya being admitted to hospital and Hanneman undergoing surgery,  the band finally returned to the stage last night (Friday 4th).

Tom is back pelting those vocals out and smashing the Bass, but Gary Holt of Exodus is still filling in for Jeff, who will be back as soon as he’s fully recovered. Video footage of their live performance at Australia’s Soundwave festival can be found after the jump.


Tom Araya health update

Sandra Araya, Tom Araya’s wife, has issued an update on Tom’s health issues that led to a hospitalization and a cancelation of a concert in Sydney, Australia. We originally reported about it yesterday.

On Facebook, Mrs. Slayer posted the following update:

TOM’S HEALTH… He was suffering from VERTIGO due to EXTREME DEHYDRATION – AND LACK OF REST!  Our Doctor is in the process of getting the results on the test that were ran (major time zone difference and being the weekend has held up those results) Hopefully there will be nothing more to add after the results are returned.”

Screenshot after the jump.

So, it doesn’t sound that bad. Someone needs to drink a beer more often!


Tom Araya admitted to hospital

Slayer aren’t the luckiest guys lately. A while ago, we reported that Jeff Hanneman had to be replaced on Slayer’s then upcoming, now current tour and now Tom Araya was hospitalized in Australia after a gig and their concert in Sydney yesterday was canceled.

The original press release said this:

Slayer has canceled its appearance at the Sydney, Australia stop of the Soundwave festival after the band’s bassist/vocalist Tom Araya was admitted to the hospital where he will be kept overnight. The Sydney appearance on Sunday, February 27 would have marked Slayer’s second show on the annual festival tour. No further details are currently available regarding Araya’s condition or the exact nature of his ailment.

But don’t cry yet! Araya has since been released from hospital and his wife, Sandra Araya, has issued a statement on Facebook, which reads as follows:

“SPOKE WITH TOM =) He’s feeling much better! it will be a few days before test results come back… That’s all I can say for now! whoo hoo!”

We, at Dose of Metal, wish Tom Araya a quick and full recovery but now on to some more uplifting Slayer news.

As mentioned above, Hanneman had to be replaced on Slayer’s current tour and Gary Holt of Exodus joined Slayer for the time being. There’s video footage available from Slayer’s first performance with Holt. Watch it after the jump.

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