Gary Holt (Exodus) to play with Slayer

First things first, my Photoshop skills are obviously limited and working with Gimp doesn’t help in that case at all, so excuse this crappy picture above but I tried my best.

So now you might be wondering why the hell I put Gary Holt’s face on top of Jeff Hanneman’s face. Well, it’s simple: Hanneman called in sick and Holt will replace him during his absence.

So what happened? Jeff Hanneman had to undergo surgery on his right arm last month after being bitten by a spider. That’s right, a spider. Now, that further increases my fear of spiders because if something like this can happen to the axe-man of fucking Slayer, why couldn’t it happen to a bald, bearded fat guy (No, I’m not talking about Kerry King) like myself? The big difference is that nobody would care if it happened to me and Gary Holt wouldn’t write for Dose of Metal during my absence. Injustice.

Anyhow, Hanneman is expected to make a full recovery and then return to Slayer. That’s the good news. The even better news is that Gary Holt is going to replace Hanneman for the time being and probably outplay everyone but Lombardo each night, during his stay with the band.

We, at Dose of Metal, wish Jeff Hanneman a quick and full recovery and hope that all spiders on this planet drop dead.

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