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The Adrenaline Mob Rules

Innovative title right there. I’m a awesome, right? Anyways, Adrenaline Mob, the new band featuring ex Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and a mob (haha) of other “well known” musicians (Russell Allen of Symphony X, Mike Orlando of Sonic Stump and Rich Ward of Stuck Mojo and Fozzy), have released a cover of Black Sabbath‘s classic track ‘The Mob Rules’.

The cover sucks. Don’t believe me, listen to it below.

Guitarist Orlando was recently interviewed by MetalSymphony.com , and you can read an excerpt of this interview below.

“This band is not in the vein of Symphony X or Dream Theater. It’s more along the lines of, say, Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Disturbed, Black Label Society, Shinedown

Source: Blabbermouth

Rob Zombie? Shinedown? Distubed? Godsmack? Oh ok, that explains why the cover’s shit then.


Friday headlines: Video interviews

We’ve got some awesome headlines for you today. And by awesome I mean shitty because they’re video interviews with bands I don’t like so I get two senses invaded instead of just one… You get the idea. But maybe some of you care, so here they are:

Korn (pictured above, unfortunately) got interviewed at one of the biggest European festivals: Rock Am Ring. It’s a video interview and you can see it after the jump, but please don’t, because nu-metal is evil.

Hell also got interviewed (also after the jump) and isn’t the name fitting? That’s exactly where I’d rather be instead of watching a Korn interview or music video.

Dio Disciples bassist James Lomenzo (he was also in Megadeth, so bitches better recognize) gave an interview on ‘The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show’ and boy is that a stupid name for a show. Almost as stupid as ‘Alexing out with Alex Show’ and I just made that name up on the spot, so go figure how much time it took Mr. Blair with his own. Anyway, the chat is also after ‘The Jumping out with Alex of Dose of Metal MAKE THE JUMP show.’

Another bassist got interviewed, yo. This time it’s none other than Billy Sheehan (who?) of Mr. Big (who?). It happened at the M3 Festival (what?) and it’s also after the jump (yeah!) — I just realized I made this line sound like Limp Bizkit lyrics.

And finally (thank God), Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo also gave an interview. What do you know, it’s a trend today. By now, you prolly realized it’s after the jump so all that’s left for me to do is tell you what he says in the interview, right? Wrong, I don’t care, so figure it out for yourself.

So there you have it. Make the jump and see five pointless interviews if you have nothing better to do on a Friday.

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