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Phil Demmel video interview

Phil Demmel of Machine Head gave an interview.
Someone filmed it.
Someone else uploaded it on YouTube.
Someone else posted it on Blabbermouth.
Alex of Dose of Metal stole got the url from Blabbermouth.
Alex of Dose of Metal posted the url.
Alex of Dose of Metal had nothing to add so he just made a lame joke he’s probably done before.
Alex wins.
You lose.  


Anthrax and Machine Head shat brix

I know, the headline is awful, but so is my sense of humor, so you get the idea.

Apparently Scott Ian and Phil Demmel were in ‘awe’ of Metallica’s 30th celebration shows. Phil even called them the ‘most amazing band ever!!!11’ or something.

I don’t want to be rude towards Phil, but that title is obviously reserved for Linkin Park, the only band able to put rock, rap, dubstep/electronic shit in a blender, make a shit-cocktail, eat it up, digest it and then shit it out and sell it.

Anyway, yeah… Watch the video above.


Geezer Butler joins Dimebash 2012

Dimebag Darrell was one of the most exciting and talented metal guitarists of all time. It’s sad that we lost him in that terrible tragedy in 2004, because I think he had much more metal badassery to offer us, and instead of kicking ass on stage (maybe in a Pantera reunion), all we can do now is remember the good ol’ days when this guy was alive and showing those dubstep/nu-metal pussies how it’s done.

But I digress. Dimebash 2012 is happening, and a lot of great names are taking part. Let’s be honest, a few not-so-great names are in there, also, but Dime liked everybody, so in the spirit of Dime-goodness, I’m gonna let Serj slide.

Anyway, Geezer Butler will also be there, alongside people like Scott Ian, Tom Morello, Phil Demmel, Duff McKagan, Jerry Cantrell, Tim “Ripper” Owens, and others… Sounds pretty awesome.

Metal guitar legend “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott’s influence on the music community can never be fully estimated, but if the collection of artists and players at this year’s DimeBash 2011 is any indication, his legacy is as far-reaching and deeper than ever before. On December 14th, the world of hard rock and metal come together in a communion of thunderous songs and stories to tip its collective glass to one of the true masters of not only guitar, but music as a whole.

Show begins at 8 PM tonight, if you’re lucky enough to go there, make sure you honor Dime by drinking and enjoying metal. Getcha’ pull!


Machine Headshot

Phil Demmel, Machine Head‘s guitarist, got a shoe to his machine head two days ago in Belgium. Then he got pissed and walked off.

Some dumbass threw it, and he’s either a really good thrower, or a very lucky one. Either way, I don’t endorse throwing shit at shows, but I do endorse capital punishment for people who do that. Still, the jokes I could write about the word ‘head’ in the band’s name and the shoe that hit it… Damn… This is a goldmine.

Anyway, I wanted to take that video and add the most appropriate sound effect ever, but I am way too lazy. So here, play this exactly as the shoe hits his head:

Source: Blabbermouth

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