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30 minutes of Metallica’s 30th anniversary shows

So what exactly happened on those four nights? We’ll never know, I guess.

Oh wait, yes we will, because the guys have posted a 27 minute long (yes, kinda lied in the title, sue me!) video that recaps the four evenings. I think it was pretty cool, would have loved to be there but I was busy refreshing 9gag.com and pornhub.com all day.

Enjoy the vid and happy birthday once again, Metallica. 10 years of greatness and 20 years of trying to be something you’re not. Let’s hope you find yourselves within the next few decades.


Anthrax and Machine Head shat brix

I know, the headline is awful, but so is my sense of humor, so you get the idea.

Apparently Scott Ian and Phil Demmel were in ‘awe’ of Metallica’s 30th celebration shows. Phil even called them the ‘most amazing band ever!!!11’ or something.

I don’t want to be rude towards Phil, but that title is obviously reserved for Linkin Park, the only band able to put rock, rap, dubstep/electronic shit in a blender, make a shit-cocktail, eat it up, digest it and then shit it out and sell it.

Anyway, yeah… Watch the video above.


Metallica in India, soon on TV

We told you before that Metallica‘s India gig will be broadcast by MTV. Well, now we’re gonna tell you again:

“MTV lets you relive the performance of the year by the Gods of rock, Metallica. This maiden trip by the band has to be the highlight of musical notes this year. The high voltage music and performance of some of their all time hits for the Indian fans is a milestone to cherish.”

Read full article here.

Pirate Bay, please don’t let us down!

The setlist of the aforementioned show, after the jump.


Kirk told Dave to play all the solos

When Dave played with Metallica a few nights ago, he was a bit confused as to what versions of the songs he should have played. Luckily Kirk stepped in and saved the day:

I was trying to figure out, Do I learn the demo versions of the songs or the Kill ‘Em All versions of the songs? Well, I found out it was the Kill ‘Em All versions. OK, do I learn my solos from the demos, or Kirk’s solos? What solos should I play? Then, when I got there, Kirk said, ‘You know, why don’t you play all the solos?’ And I was like, ‘Oooh!’ [laughs] I had to quickly go through my bag of tricks.

Read full interview here.

They should have done a ‘Four Horsemen vs. Mechanix’ performance. Yup.


The couple that played Metallica songs at their weddings jammed with Metallica.

Remember the clip above? Two awesome people with a passion for music and Metallica played “Master of Puppets” at their wedding. Metallica invited them to jam with them on their anniversary shows. Isn’t that sweet?

I wish my wife was into Metallica and could play an instrument. Imaginary wives don’t really do much so, tough luck 🙁

Video of the performance after the jump.

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