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Metallica have their own festival

Guess I was wrong… When Metallica ‘teased’ us with a special announcement, it was not about the 3D movie like I had predicted. They’re actually doing their own festival.

It’s called Orion Music + More and it’s happening in Atlantic City, on 23 and 24 June.

The lineup is pretty shitty, but Metallica is headlining both nights, playing The Black Album in its entirety the first night, then Ride The Lightning the second night. Pretty cool if you like Metallica, but pretty boring if you want a full festival. The other bands are Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold, Modest Mouse, and a bunch of other acts I’d never want to see live.

More info and details here and here.

Granted, this is their first one, so maybe the next one will be better. If there will be a next one. It’s just that, if someone asked me about a Metallica festival dream lineup, I’d list the rest of the Big Four, Exodus, Down, that kind of thing. Arctic Monkeys and Modest Mouse? What the fuck?

update: Sorry for screwing up the video, added a 20 minute one which includes the live conference they had on the site. The presenter has to get an award for best facial hair ‘hide your double chin’ illusion attempt. Personally, I’d recommend a diet and exercise plan, but doing a chinstrap over the double chin kinda works too, I guess.


Metallica tease you with teaser

Hey, Metallica have a very important message for you guys. You need to go to Metallica.com on February 7, at 11 am pacific time. They won’t tell you what this is about, but I will…

This is probably about their 3D movie, which we’ve known since last year if you want to count the rumors, but it got confirmed in January. This is good cause I’ve made this image of James as an Avatar character, and it will be great finding opportunities to keep using it.

We recycle here on Dose of Metal, from images to jokes to everything. We’re green and we care about the environment. What do YOU do for the planet, huh? Fucking loser.

Anyway, yeah, come back here on February 7 at 11.02 am to see us make fun of whatever the band is announcing.


Metal up your ass, brother!

Pretend-fighter Hulk Hogan claims he could have been a pretend-member of Metallica — get it? Cause except James and Lars, no one has a say in that band. Jeez, why do I have to explain all the jokes to you?

I used to be a session musician before I was a wrestler. I played bass guitar. I was big pals with Lars Ulrich and he asked me if I wanted to play bass with Metallica in their early days but it didn’t work out.

Visit the page we stole this from here.

This guy would have nailed the AJFA gig. Imagine pretending to do something, but not actually doing it… Not that hard for a pro wrestler, is it?


Beyond Magnetic: Metallica goes plastic


Beyond Magnetic, the EP consisting of Metallica‘s unreleased tracks from the Death Magnetic sessions, will make its physical debut on January 30. The songs were first presented on the 30th anniversary shows (pic related), and the reception of the digital EP was good enough to grant a physical release. Not to mention the band probably wants to leave Lulu as far back in the past as fast as possible, and that the EP sold like three times more in the opening week.

We’re still pumped up after celebrating our 30th anniversary last month with Fan Club members from around the world and by sharing the stage with musicians we have admired all our lives,” say the be band in a statement on their website. “As you may have heard by now, part of the fun on those nights included playing unreleased tracks from the Death Magnetic sessions and after giving them to all Fan Club members for free, those songs have been available on iTunes and other at digital retailers for several weeks. We’ve been feeling all the love and positive vibes beyond our wildest expectations on the mp3 side, so we decided to go “old school” (!!) and also release those four songs on a CD.

You heard that, you dinosaurs? The next time you go get a hip replacement, make sure to stop by the record store and get yourself a “compact disc” (compact my ass, my iPod’s smaller and holds like a gazillion songs).


Original Metallica guitarist got interviewed

When people say ‘original Metallica guitarist,’ they’re probably wondering ‘an original guitarist in Metallica? You mean one that doesn’t steal riffs from Stone?’

But no, I mean original as in ‘first.’

Lloyd Grant (pictured above next to that chick) played with Metallica in their original recording of “Hit The Lights.” So I guess that makes him important enough to warrant an interview, eh? And I guess it makes me lame enough to talk about this interview, eh? Yeah…

Listen to it below, courtesy of MusicLegends.ca

I didn’t know it was humanly possible to be shorter than Kirk. I stand corrected.

Source: Blabbermouth


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