Metallica tease you with teaser

Hey, Metallica have a very important message for you guys. You need to go to Metallica.com on February 7, at 11 am pacific time. They won’t tell you what this is about, but I will…

This is probably about their 3D movie, which we’ve known since last year if you want to count the rumors, but it got confirmed in January. This is good cause I’ve made this image of James as an Avatar character, and it will be great finding opportunities to keep using it.

We recycle here on Dose of Metal, from images to jokes to everything. We’re green and we care about the environment. What do YOU do for the planet, huh? Fucking loser.

Anyway, yeah, come back here on February 7 at 11.02 am to see us make fun of whatever the band is announcing.

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