Dave appreciation rant

Hiya folks,

I’ve been on quite a break now, due to all but good reasons, and I felt I should chime in. The subject? Good ol’ Dave. No. Not the Grohl one. The other one. Yeah, that’s right, ginger Dave.

I’m perfectly aware that Alex has posted news bits about Dave’s health. Yeah, he’s recovering after a neck surgery that involved three vertebral discs (read the details on Blabbermouth. Or, better still, don’t, because that’s already old news). The point is that the man himself blamed his injury on headbanging. Now, remember that Dave has just turned 50 recently. Put “50” and “headbanging” in the same sentence and… you get something that Papa Het has forgotten to do for a good 23 years. Metal, that is.

(Pictured above: Metal. Not by numbers)

If you didn’t hear yet the measly alternative that Dave counters Lulu with, hit the jump, but be prepared for a non-intellectual borefest that cannot hold a candle to the deep-thinking behemoth that “The View” is.

[Artwork by: Dario Villanova ]

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