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Lordi reveal Gwar’s secret…

Lordi, Gwar, what’s the difference? Fuck knows. More to the point, who cares? Both suck, right?

Regardless, in a recent interview, the Lordi frontman, whoever or whatever that is, discussed the differences between the two bands. The man in a costume went on to say that both are rock bands dressed up as monsters, but that Gwar aren’t quite so serious.

Mr Lordi then finished by revealing Gwar‘s dark secret… That actually, despite claiming they’re aliens, they too are just humans in costumes. Wow, well thankyou for pointing out the obvious.

In other news, the Gwar frontman recently stated that Michael Jackson was an alien. Well thank you too for pointing out the obvious.


Otus hallelujah

Lordi fired their previous drummer because she didn’t celebrate Halloween 365 days a year like the rest of the band. She took her costume off, so she got axed.

But now they have a new drummer. His/its name is Otus. Not that it was hard to find a replacement, all you need is someone willing to dress up like he’s on ‘Tales From The Crypt’ and that’s it. It’s not like you need to be a proper musician to play their songs, is it?

We are not really sure who or what he is, he is just … a creature, a thing (otus in Finnish). He is a mixture of a butcher, an executioner, an alien, a lizzard and a zombie. Tough dude. And definitely one of the ugliest members in our family… said the band’s frontfreak

Jesus Christ, and you thought Slipknot were obnoxious, eh?


Lordi drummer unmasked = No more Lordi drummer

Lordi drummer Kita (Sampsa Astala) chose to unmasked herhimself for her his side project Stala So.. The rest of Lordi seemingly don’t want people to know that Lordi consists of real human beings so Kita got the kick.

In my opinion, Sampsa Astala (what a shit name) could easily still be part of Lordi, masked or unmasked. Make what you want of that statement. Picture after the jump. I’m tempted to put a NSFW warning here but there’s no nudity in there, just ugliness.



Alice in Chains were interviewed (videos after the jump). Unfortunately, nobody asked them why their new video looks like an amateur version of Fantastic Voyage.

Slash, Jerry Cantrell and John 5 will all appear in Turn it Up! — a movie about the electric guitar, obviously showcasing how you can get famous even if you’re mediocre at it.

Annihilator release free album. ‘If you can’t fight them, join them’ said their lead singer, referring to their fans who refuse to waste money on their stuff. Get it here.

Lordi (pictured above), the band who looks like Slipknot after an acid bath, won the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ by hacking their website a few years ago. It paid off, as now they sold a whooping 1,000 copies in the United States, and those are just from dumb Lord of The Rings fans who thought it was a spin-off CD. These contests work, folks.

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