Alice in Chains were interviewed (videos after the jump). Unfortunately, nobody asked them why their new video looks like an amateur version of Fantastic Voyage.

Slash, Jerry Cantrell and John 5 will all appear in Turn it Up! — a movie about the electric guitar, obviously showcasing how you can get famous even if you’re mediocre at it.

Annihilator release free album. ‘If you can’t fight them, join them’ said their lead singer, referring to their fans who refuse to waste money on their stuff. Get it here.

Lordi (pictured above), the band who looks like Slipknot after an acid bath, won the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ by hacking their website a few years ago. It paid off, as now they sold a whooping 1,000 copies in the United States, and those are just from dumb Lord of The Rings fans who thought it was a spin-off CD. These contests work, folks.

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