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Lemmy says Lennon was an asshole

Lemmy seems to have an opinion on everybody, including the late John Lennon.

He was always the asshole of the band. He was always the one that was really unpopular with everybody that bleerhark aadeenn abouut causeennnsaid Lemmy of Lennon, or at least I think it’s what he said cause I couldn’t understand most of the sentence, hence my phonetic interpretation.

It’s not all bad though, Lemmy has nothing but love for The Beatles, and thanks to Blabbermouth, I got this quote transcribed and translated from Lemmish to English:

The Beatles were massive. They changed the world. The generation that was with me, which includes me, we genuinely believed we could make the world better and we failed because the world’s so full of shit.

Watch interview after the jump.


Lemmy is still rock and roll.

Lemmy Kilmister, lead vocalist from legendary band Motorhead, recently conducted an interview with Radio Metal.

It’s a pretty cool interview.  Lemmy talks about his bands upcoming new album, The World Is Yours (which will be released on December 13th, 2010), pokes fun at Brian Welch for being the Jesus of rock and roll, says rock and roll is so much better than being a geek on the computer and much more.

Click here to check out the interview and make the jump to view my favourite Motorhead song.


We hope you like horror movies

Lemmy has a documentary about him, and you’ll never guess the name. It’s called ‘Lemmy.’ Anyways, we’ve posted about it before, but now we know it will be in theaters in mid-January and on DVD and Blu-Ray on the 15th of February. Now, as soon as I read “Lemmy” and “Blu-Ray” I thought… MOLES IN HD. HOLY SHIT.

If you like seeing topless zombies, à la Dawn of the Dead, then expect to see two deformed zombie tits hanging around next to a mustache in glorious full HD. I think I’m buying the DVD on this one.

Anyways, you can check out some reviews of the film: Variety | Inside Pulse | Hollywood Reporter. A teaser after the jump.


Lemmy is a great role model

If you have kids and you want them to learn something about life, music and alcohol, look no further. They can also get their cues on modesty, so it’s an all-around lesson for everyone.

All kinds of things about me are legendary, not just the excesses. And, for me, they’re not excesses anyway. What you do every day is normal, right? This voice does good on cigarettes. That’s part of the training. I have to keep smoking. If I stopped smoking, my voice would suffer. I couldn’t possibly do my job if I didn’t smoke and drink. said Lemmy after toking on a cigarette.

Don’t worry though, it’s not like Lemmy is all about bad things, he does think of the kids.

I’m not going to promote it as a lifestyle. I don’t want some kids dying because they drunk because of me. If you say this guy drinks like a fish after 35 years in Motörhead, they’ll think, ‘Oh, I can do that too.’

Read full interview here.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t want to promote it as a lifestyle, don’t mention how drinking and smoking helps your singing. What good does it do to say you wouldn’t want kids to drink because of you, if right after that you pretty much say your career would suffer without cigs and booze? It’s like saying ‘I don’t condone violence, but my debating skills would seriously suffer if I didn’t know kung fu.’

We love you anyway, Lemster.


Motorhead to hit newsstands in UK


British tabloid Sun got a hold of Lemmy‘s sextape, first pictures to be revealed in tomorrow’s edition! Just kidding… But can you imagine that? You probably wouldn’t be able to have a decent boner for an entire month. Anyway, if you are by any chance going to your favorite newsstand to check out your favorite dirty sex magazine on December 14th, and if you have spare £15, you can get Motörhead‘s new album “The Wörld is Yours” (yes, that’s an umlaut there), directly from the newsstand. Continue reading for details.

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