Lemmy says Lennon was an asshole

Lemmy seems to have an opinion on everybody, including the late John Lennon.

He was always the asshole of the band. He was always the one that was really unpopular with everybody that bleerhark aadeenn abouut causeennnsaid Lemmy of Lennon, or at least I think it’s what he said cause I couldn’t understand most of the sentence, hence my phonetic interpretation.

It’s not all bad though, Lemmy has nothing but love for The Beatles, and thanks to Blabbermouth, I got this quote transcribed and translated from Lemmish to English:

The Beatles were massive. They changed the world. The generation that was with me, which includes me, we genuinely believed we could make the world better and we failed because the world’s so full of shit.

Watch interview after the jump.

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