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Korn names their new album. Dude, like, totally.


Korn‘s new brostep/nu metal project just got named, and holy shit, it blows. I mean, it sucks more than Korn III: Remember Who You Are. It even sucks more than that time they couldn’t figure out a title for an album. Without further ado, their new album is called *drumroll*

The Path to Totality

Totality of what? Massive suckage? Well, they’re on the right path if that’s the case.

Anyway, the album’s release date has been pushed to November 15, to allow time for promotion, videos etc. Their tenth studio album began as an idea for a collaborative EP with today’s hottest dubstep producers, and since has grown into a full-blown studio effort. More info after the jump.


‘Opposite world’ news also came in


Imagine a parallel universe where everything is the opposite of this one. In that one, I’d make fun of a new Napalm Death album, and I’d get excited over a new Korn one. I’d also have a gigantic penis. Well, since it’s the “opposite of opposite,” or I guess the NORMAL world I live in, here’s something to annoy me (and you): Korn just announced this on their Twitter:

Recording on the road 3 songs left then it’s done!

Since they also attached an image of a microphone to the tweet, my guess is it’s Jonathan who just needs to record the vocals, because I presume the instrumentals have been sitting on his MacBook for the past few months. In case you’re not aware, after jumping on the dubstep bandwagon, the band released Get Up, and the plans for a dubstep EP to come shortly after since turned into plans for a full album. Despite my fears of what an album combining an electronic genre that’s not a genre, with a metal genre that’s not metal might sound like, I’m a fan of the song, because it (be as it may) still sounds better than anything they’ve released in years. Which tells plenty about this band.


Stillwell stillsuck

iKorn (who? What?) recently conducted an interview with Stillwell, and well, they kind of still suck. The band feature Fieldy of Korn fame and a bunch of Nu Metal has-beens that really shouldn’t have been offered another chance at making it in the music industry.

Their album apparently is already out (released May 10th), which means it successfully managed to come out without me even realizing. That’s great news for myself.

If you stillcare about Nu Metal (Why?) then have a read of blabbermouth.


Fear of the predictable machine

‘Choking Victim’, more like choking singer. The vocals on Munky of Korn fame’s new project Fear and the Nervous System sound like a castrated Jonathan Davis (how predictable). ‘Choking Victim’ is just another reminder in 2011 that the Nu-Metal genre just won’t fucking die. This is the 21st Century people, when are you going to learn that Nu Metal is outdated and unacceptable in this day and age?

The band also feature Billy Gould of Faith No More, so I almost feel dirty for ridiculing the song so badly, but seriously ‘Choking Victim’ almost makes me want to go back to listening to Staind‘s new song.


Friday headlines: Video interviews

We’ve got some awesome headlines for you today. And by awesome I mean shitty because they’re video interviews with bands I don’t like so I get two senses invaded instead of just one… You get the idea. But maybe some of you care, so here they are:

Korn (pictured above, unfortunately) got interviewed at one of the biggest European festivals: Rock Am Ring. It’s a video interview and you can see it after the jump, but please don’t, because nu-metal is evil.

Hell also got interviewed (also after the jump) and isn’t the name fitting? That’s exactly where I’d rather be instead of watching a Korn interview or music video.

Dio Disciples bassist James Lomenzo (he was also in Megadeth, so bitches better recognize) gave an interview on ‘The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show’ and boy is that a stupid name for a show. Almost as stupid as ‘Alexing out with Alex Show’ and I just made that name up on the spot, so go figure how much time it took Mr. Blair with his own. Anyway, the chat is also after ‘The Jumping out with Alex of Dose of Metal MAKE THE JUMP show.’

Another bassist got interviewed, yo. This time it’s none other than Billy Sheehan (who?) of Mr. Big (who?). It happened at the M3 Festival (what?) and it’s also after the jump (yeah!) — I just realized I made this line sound like Limp Bizkit lyrics.

And finally (thank God), Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo also gave an interview. What do you know, it’s a trend today. By now, you prolly realized it’s after the jump so all that’s left for me to do is tell you what he says in the interview, right? Wrong, I don’t care, so figure it out for yourself.

So there you have it. Make the jump and see five pointless interviews if you have nothing better to do on a Friday.

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