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This cowboy is busy

Job For A Cowboy

One of our favorite bands to put in Top 10 list(s) about stupid band names, Job For A Cowboy, are really busy finishing up the work on their new album, according to ThePRP.

That’s all really, but if you feel like it, you can imagine I inserted some gay jokes up there. I’m too lazy and I don’t want to offend the band, even though I just kind of did. Yeehaw.


Job for a Cowboy and Unearth reveal artworks

Job for a Cowboy (pictured on top) and Unearth (pictured beneath) both revealed the artworks of their upcoming releases.

We posted about the first song off Job for a Cowboy’s upcoming EP Gloom just yesterday. Gloom will be released on June 7th.

Unearth’s fifth album Darkness In The Light will be released on July 4th (hey, that’s my birthday!). The album was produced by Killswitch Engage’s Adam D.

Check out both artworks after the jump.


Start your week with a cowboy song

Job for a Cowboy recently released a song, called ‘Misery Reformatory,’ for free online. In other words, you can stream the song below from Soundcloud. The song has been available on Amazon for a month already.

The song is the first single of their upcoming EP Gloom, which will be released via Metal Blade Records on June 7th.

I’ve always been a defender of Job for a Cowboy. Genesis and Ruination were both solid Death Metal albums but I can’t really warm up for this song. The solo is pretty awesome but that’s pretty much all this song has to offer. The rest is really forgetable at best. But check it out yourself.


Job for an interview

Job For a Cowboy, one of the few relatively decent Deathcore bands (mostly because they’re actually Death Metal), despite the stupid name, were recently interviewed by ExploreMusic. The video can be found above. I’d bore you with the details, but I’d rather you save myself some time by just pressing play.

Blabbermouth users equally love this band, just check out some of these flattering comments:

“SHIT band”

“dumb name”

“fuck these guys”

“Ridiculous band name, perhaps one of the worst band names I ever heard. Its not even funny. And the song was just garbage. Cant stand all these meaningless bullshit Death Metal bands which have flooded the market the last 20 years. Only a few of all these bands are really good. The rest think they are good just because they have a fast drummer and can imitate other bands. They all sound the same. Its just garbage.”


Video of the Week: Job for a Cowboy

Some of you might be thinking now “Hey, what’s with this Deathcore crap? We don’t want that!” but you forgot one thing and that’s: Fuck you, I’m in charge.

Excluding their name, Job for a Cowboy are a pretty great band. I really enjoyed both of their albums, which by the way feature nothing but solid Death Metal. There, I said it. Job for a Cowboy aren’t Deathcore but Death Metal. Their first demo and EP might have been Deathcore, sure, but ‘Genesis’ and ‘Ruination’ sure as hell aren’t but enough of that already.

The video above for ‘Embedded,’ was the first thing I saw and heard of this band and that’s why it left a mark on me. I actually really like the video, especially the windmilling at 0:47. Windmilling rules. Shame I can’t do that because I’m bald but at least I look sexy as heeeeell.

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