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Live Dose of Metal: Iron Maiden

What you see above, is the single reason why I can no longer listen to the studio version of the Iron Maiden classic, ‘Fear of the Dark’.

Rock in Rio by Maiden is one of the greatest live Metal albums of all time, recorded at the Rio festival in 2001. It kicks ass, and the rendition of ‘Fear of the Dark’ is the closest thing to perfection you will ever witness. So click play now, kick back and tell me you won’t be singing along to every single word.


Bruce Dickinson turns down UK The Voice

Hot off the news of Nergal of Behemoth apparently being offered a slot as a judge on the Polish version of ‘The voice’, Bruce Dickinson has reportedly been asked to be a judge on the UK version of the show, set to debut next year.

Only, Bruce Dickinson turned the offer down and had the following to say:

“That show sounds so crap and demeaning to everyone involved, I took great delight in turning the BBC down. ‘The X Factor’ is appalling enough, it’s no better than Opportunity Knocks’.”

Source: Blabbermouth

What do I think? Honestly, good for fucking Bruce. I’m not even going to begin ranting against these shows, because I’ve said it a million times before, but is Bruce cynical? All I know is the man has some integrity and good for him for not accepting every shitty offer that comes his way just to gain a wod of cash. Whatever your opinions are on reality talent shows, you have to respect a man for not compromising his views  for a bit of publicity and money. Remember, this isn’t the first time Bruce has turned down such an offer. He was also recently asked to judge on Britain’s Got Talent.


Weak Recap: Threesome!

I don’t know much about bikes but apparently the bike above is called Threesome. Surely, you can imagine that this wasn’t what I had in mind when I went to look for a picture of a threesome.

But all that aside, it’s time for this week’s Weak Recap. What’s the deal with the threesome? Well, we decided to change the format a bit, with me asking the questions and Mark and Alex answering them.

We’re not homosexual. At least I’m not. I’m not sure about Mark and Alex, nor do I care really. It’s up to them what they want to do behind closed doors.

But you don’t give a shit either way, do you? Same here. So, just make the jump for a non-homosexual three-way interview about recent happenings in the world of Heavy-fucking-Metal.


Blast from the Past: Iron Maiden – Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Seven deadly sins, seven ways to win, seven holy paths to hell, and your trip begins. Seven downward slopes, seven bloodied hopes, seven are your burning fires, seven your desires… These are the words that open Iron Maiden‘s seventh album, the aptly titled Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. And what a way to open it is.

Released in 1988, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is the second Iron Maiden album to feature keyboards, it is the last to include guitarist Adrian Smith until Brave New World in 2000, and it is the band’s attempt at somewhat of a concept, almost Prog like, album.

We’ve been running this site for nearly a year now and we have yet to review a single Iron Maiden album, we just had a brilliant Friday Top 10 on the Maiden, so it’s about time we reviewed an album right? Make the jump to see what I make of the 1988 classic (bollocks I just gave away my verdict).


Friday Top 10: Best Iron Maiden songs

Iron Maiden are, without question, the greatest metal band of all time.  Yes,  I said it.  If you don’t share my opinion, you fail as a metal fan and I hate you then it’s perfectly fine.   The originators of the genre, Black Sabbath, surely would have something to say about this title.  You can also throw in Judas Priest and Metallica into the mix, as well.

I’ll be honest and admit composing a top 10 Iron Maiden list was quite a challenge.  But after countless nights of no sleep and ridiculous pressure and physical abuse from the Dose of Metal crew (to deliver the absolute best 10 Iron Maiden tracks), I actually succeeding coming up with a legit list.

So, what are you waiting for?  Make the jump to view the 10 greatest Iron Maiden songs!

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