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Bruce Dickinson lost his job as a pilot

After a lackluster weekend in terms of DoM articles, I am delighted to start the week with three consecutive posts about three metal icons that changed music. Whilst the first two are sort of good news, this one isn’t. Poor ol’ Bruce lost his job as an airline pilot… Good thing he’s the lead singer of one of the best metal bands of all time, eh? In this economy, most people who are out of a job don’t have a multi-platinum selling band to fall back on.

“Iron Maiden rocker Bruce Dickinson may have to return to music full-time after the dramatic collapse of the airline where he has worked for years as a senior pilot.

The 53-year-old singer, who works for Astraeus Airlines, was flying 250 holidaymakers from Jeddah International Airport in Saudi Arabia, to Manchester, when he learnt the airline was due to be placed into administration and had been ordered to cease operations with immediate effect.

Read full article here.

Aww, poor Bruce. If only there was a legendary band he could go back to… Oh wait, there is!

I was actually fortunate enough to be on a flight where Bruce was a pilot, and it was quite the experience. He actually played “Hallowed Be Thy Name” after the plane took off, and we all started second-guessing the song’s title after a bumpy ride.

I’m sorry about his job, but hey, he’ll get to fly ‘Ed Force One’ still, right? Or was that just for that one tour?

Oh well, Bruce, chin up! You’re a music legend, go back to Maiden full time. Oh, and if you’re wondering how I got to be on a Bruce flight, don’t worry — I lied.



Bruce Dickinson likes to fly

We all know Iron Maiden flies in a big ass plane which looks pretty badass. We also know Bruce flies that thing, because he loves it. But what we don’t know is that I have a huge penis, and I’m pretty much handsome, smart and successful.

I don’t have a NSFW video to prove that to you, but I have a very-SFW video about Bruce. Not that he’s more interesting than I am, or anything, but it’s all I have for you today.


Bruce Dickinson turns down UK The Voice

Hot off the news of Nergal of Behemoth apparently being offered a slot as a judge on the Polish version of ‘The voice’, Bruce Dickinson has reportedly been asked to be a judge on the UK version of the show, set to debut next year.

Only, Bruce Dickinson turned the offer down and had the following to say:

“That show sounds so crap and demeaning to everyone involved, I took great delight in turning the BBC down. ‘The X Factor’ is appalling enough, it’s no better than Opportunity Knocks’.”

Source: Blabbermouth

What do I think? Honestly, good for fucking Bruce. I’m not even going to begin ranting against these shows, because I’ve said it a million times before, but is Bruce cynical? All I know is the man has some integrity and good for him for not accepting every shitty offer that comes his way just to gain a wod of cash. Whatever your opinions are on reality talent shows, you have to respect a man for not compromising his views  for a bit of publicity and money. Remember, this isn’t the first time Bruce has turned down such an offer. He was also recently asked to judge on Britain’s Got Talent.


Weak Recap: We are Gods

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is a very special edition of our Weak Recap. I know what you’re thinking; “but Mark, every week you do the Weak Recap is a special one” and you’d be right. But this week’s is particularly special, because this is the 13th week of our awesome weekly recap feature. That means we’ve managed to keep this up for over 3 months, with each week just getting better and better. And 3 months is quite an achievement since the longest I’ve managed to keep a girlfriend is 2 hours.

So how’s this week going to improve as opposed to previous weeks? Well, this time I’m going to be interviewing Alex, meaning you have the two sexiest writers of DoM together for the first time! I have no idea how you ladies out there are going to contain your excitement.

So women, make sure you have a fresh pair of panties at hand, because it’s time for mine and Alex’s awesome love making session. Erm, I mean it’s time for us to recap the week. Just make the jump already!


My band is better than yours!

That’s what Bruce Dickinson thinks about his band Iron Maiden in comparison to Metallica.

In a recent interview with the UK’s Metal Hammer magazine, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson discusses how the band have managed to stay on top, and how “Iron Maiden are better than Metallica.”

You’ve just got to have a sense of fearlessness,” says Bruce. “I got into trouble for saying that we’re better than Metallica… and, it’s true! They might be bigger than us and they might sell more tickets than us and they might get more gold-plated middle-class bourgeoisie turning up to their shows but they’re not Maiden. I did say it’s a bit of a wind-up. I thought, if I’m going to turn into an asshole, I might as well, you know, go for it!”

Source: Blabbermouth

I can see Bruce is probably being a bit tongue-in-cheek and just trying to play the asshole (I know I love to too), but I have to agree with him. I love both bands, I really do respect both for what they’ve done for Metal, but Maiden are the superior band in my opinion. Now feel free to flame me.

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