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Trivium go acoustic

Is that Iron Maiden? Yes it is. Is it Iron Maiden‘s “Iron Maiden’? Yes it is.

Trivium like acoustic guitars now, apparently.


Weak Recap: Pop a recap in yo ass, fool

Yo yo. From the slums of Shaolin, Dose of Metal strikes again!

We from the streets, yo. Break yo’self!

This Sunday, takin’ on the events of last week, straight from the ghetto — word up.

Sorry guys, just really tired and uninspired, so I went with a ‘street’ approach, just to relate to hip-hop fans who might be magically lost here. Make the jump and see what happened this week.


Eddie gives good head

The other day, sitting at work and bored out of my brain, I decided to surf Amazon.co.uk for metal goodies. Imagine my surprise when I found a second hand Iron Maiden ‘Eddie Head’ from ’98 on sale for £1999.99!

I admit it’s a nice piece of metal kitsch, but 2 grand? C’mon! If memory serves, all the discs in the head are CD-E’s, that is each disc has video content etc pertinent to the CD or tour from when the CD was originally released, and it’s only in the head that these specific discs were made available.

When I got home I went to show my girlfriend that not all my crap taking up our space is rubbish as she claims, but when I landed on the URL… It had been sold! Astonishing. So if anyone out there wants to buy my Eddie Head in mint condition, you can have it for a measly grand, you can’t argue with half price.


Want to play drums like Iron Maiden?

Forget everything you heard from musicians. Screw practicing for hours and learning rudiments, all you really need to do to be in a band like Iron Maiden is to buy the new Iron Maiden signature drumkit!

Fo’ realz, yo.

Premier have launched the ‘Spirit of Maiden’ drumkit, which was designed in collaboration with Nicko McBrain. But if you own your own ‘McBrain,’ and want to use it, you should realize that most of the money spent on this kit will go towards its name…

Make the jump for two photos of the full kit, and some specs. I’m not gonna lie, it looks pretty badass, I wouldn’t mind owning one… But signature instruments are always overpriced, because they’re designed as ‘collector’s items.’ You’re better off spending the same amount on a regular kit, you’ll probably get more bang for the buck — literally. Get it? Got it? Good.

Don’t let me stop you if you want to get one, though. Iron Maiden rules, and anything about them is flawless, so \m fucking /


A whole Load of shite

‘What are the worst Metal albums of all time?’ It’s a question that has been on the tips of Metal fans’ lips for a long time, but ask no more, as the prodigal Metal messiahs, Yahoo (yes, Yahoo – they really know their Metal),  have counted down the top 10 worst Metal albums of all time.

So who’s in the list? for it to be a realistic interpretation of ten terrible Metal albums, it should in theory be full of a bunch of no names, that are so bad, no one has actually heard of them. But where would the fun in that be?

Nope, as you’d expect, it’s full of albums by Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Guns and Roses and other well known acts. The top spot is taken by not just one album, but three. Load, Reload, and St Anger all collectively take the number one position.

Should I be surprised? I guess not. But look, I’m not a fan of any of those albums, but the second you start telling me that they’re the worst Metal albums ever, well I just lose all interest in your opinion. Take Iron Maiden‘s Fear of the Dark which is number 5 in the list. Are you honestly telling me that tracks like ‘Fear of the Dark’ and ‘Wasting Love’ are worse than Korn‘s entire discography? Unlikely.

So to sum up, yes Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Black Sabbath have all released some “questionable” albums in their time, I’d still rather listen to them at “their worst” than listen to Revoker, Bullet for my Valentine, Korn, Within Temptation or any of the shite that was failed to be mentioned. But hey, what do I know?

Check out the full list after the jump.

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