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Abbath is funny

No, seriously, there’s no pun here. I made plenty of Immortal jokes before on count of their unintentional humor, but I just saw this clip of an interview (as part of my laziness and stealing news from research on/r/metal) and I honestly found it both funny and true. Abbath talks about church burnings and Mr. Burzum. I don’t know when was it taken and if you’ve seen it before but hey, it’s not like I care.

More funny Abbath after the jump.


Metal Kino: Black Metal – A Documentary

In the last edition of Metal Kino, I’ve gone to great lenghts to explain my “morbid” interest in the Black Metal genre and the happenings around this scene. So there is no need to explain it again for this edition. If you really are interested, click the link above to read my intro to the last edition. Also, I would like to point out that I’ve made a mistake last time. The first video I’ve posted actually wasn’t taken from the documentary that I wrote about but from Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey. Shit happens. Now you know.

But anyhow, this edition, again, is all about Black Metal. Black Metal – A Documentary features interviews with members of Venom, Gorgoroth, Mortiis, Dark Funeral, Enslaved and more. For a full list, check out the tags.

Now make the jump to watch the 13-part documentary Black Metal – A Documentary.


Immortal to bang their heads


The greatest black metal band to ever run down some hills and act like they got seizures in their videos, Immortal, have been confirmed as the first headliners of the German Bang Your Head festival.

We totally recommend you go buy tickets now, make the jump and stop giving a shit about other bands when you can witness this live:

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