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Tuesday Trivia: The longest Metal songs ever

So it’s that time again, it’s the weekly feature, Tuesday Trivia, which, erm, we haven’t actually done in a couple of weeks now. Apologies about that, but we are all regular guys, with day jobs, and we’ve all been super busy recently (did I just say super busy? Ugh never mind). But what do you care? I know, I need to stop babbling.

So what’s this week’s Tuesday Trivia on? Well, Metal as a general rule, is an ambitious genre and bands are always trying to out do eachother. Metal also doesn’t confine itself to “rules” and if they want to write a song that’s longer than the average length (which is 3:30 for those interested), then they’ll damn well do it. So, with that in mind, this week’s Trivia is about the longest Metal tracks.

Make the jump for the longest article ever (just kidding, it’s not that long).


Five bands you should give a chance

Hey there! Are you getting sick of bands like Slipknot, As I Lay Dying and System of A Down polluting your ears? If you are, I have five bands you should strongly consider listening to. I’m not necessarily saying you should drop the three bands I just listed (although you really should). I just think it’s always good to continue expanding your musical tastes in metal.

I’m doing this rant because these five bands rock and I feel more people should be listening to them (and others in the genre), so make the jump for these five bands!

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