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Friday Top 10: Notorious acts

It’s a late Friday evening, which means whilst everyone else is out either getting laid or getting drunk, I’m once again stuck inside, writing for Dose of Metal and publishing this week’s Friday Top 10.

Metal as a genre is undoubtedly one that is full of controversies, stories of self-mutilation, murder, drugs and religious intolerance. Sure, these are often unjustified criticisms directed at the genre by conservative morons, and I am by no means trying to play into these idiots’ hands, but the purpose of this Top 10 is going to revel in some of the “edgier” sides of Metal.

So if you’re interested in reading about some of the more controversial, notorious and outrageous Rock and Metal acts, then just make the motherfucking jump.


Tuesday Trivia: The most fucked up

I’m taking over. For this week only, I’m taking over Simo’s Tuesday Trivia to cover the most fucked up man in the history of Rock, GG Allin. Varg Vikernes, Niklas Kvarforth and Marilyn Manson (ha!) have nothing on this guy.

I need to inform you first that some of the content after the jump is not safe for work so do yourself a favor and read this when you’re at home, preferably when children aren’t around.

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