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Let’s talk about Mike Portnoy

Former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy thinks he will rejoin his former band sometime. Wishful thinking ftmfw.

I never say never. They’ve moved on and I’ve moved on. Mike Mangini’s an amazing drummer. But if the opportunity presented itself a few years down the road and I was available, I would definitely consider it. That band was my heart and soul for 25 years. There’s too much history there to ignore.

Read full interview here.

At least he has nice things to say about his replacement. I never understood why musicians were mad at the guys that replaced them. It’s like being mad at your former lover’s new boyfriend. If you split up before they met, why would you hate him? Just hate her.

I’m full of life lessons, should you need some.

Anyway, back to this Dream Theater shit. I appreciate Mike’s kind words to Mike ver 2.0, but I still think his optimism is funny. Especially since this is what Jordan Rudess had to say about him:

But the bottom line is, when Mike left, it left four guys there — four all very capable, qualified musical people — that weren’t really at the true capacity of what we all could do. Because Mike was a very controlling person in his role in the band. So it wasn’t so much about us not being able to do something; it was about the way that the positioning of the band, it was just going in a certain way, and now that we’re in this other phase, we’re just excited because we get to pretty much continuing writing music the way we were, but we get to kind of say, ‘OK, we’re moving on, we’re gonna do our thing and write the music.’

Read full article here.

Whoops. Tough luck Mike, looks like the band is just ready to move on and is feeling great.

Exit optimism. Enter realism.

God, I write the dumbest fucking lines ever. Shit.


Happy Dream Theater drummer is happy

Dream Theater’s Mike Mangini (not to be confused with Mike Mangina, which is my porn name) is very happy to be in Dream Theater. I don’t blame him, I hadn’t heard of him before he joined this band.

I’m stunned at the crowds on this tour. I really am having so much fun that I can’t wait to get back on stage. One more show: Budapest. As the rest of shows were, too, the Athens crowd just rocked the Earth all the way to Africa tonight. EVERY crowd has simply gotten the band’s message loud and clear and I’m so happy to be a part of all this joy.

Message received. Please press delete.


Petrucci speaks, Portnoy releases iPhone app

According to John Petrucci, of Dream Theater, his band has the most incredibly passionate fans on the planet. I know this because he literally said “Dream Theater has the most incredibly passionate fans on the planet!”. Look:

I have to say that Dream Theater has the most incredibly passionate fans on the planet!

Read full interview here.

I’m willing to bet Mike Portnoy, who used to be in Dream Theater, is counting on those incredibly passionate fans to get his new iPhone app. Why would you get that app? Well, because it’s free. Why wouldn’t you get that app? Because it allows you to follow Mike on Twitter and Facebook and see his latest videos and photos. Yep, those are good reasons not to get it.


Metalheadlines: Eff you edition

Trivium (pictured above) have a new song online. It’s called ‘Inception Of The End’ and it sounds like it’s about dreams, or something. Anyway, it’s on YouTube at this location, so feel free to not click that link.

Slash had a song with Fergie (of NWOBHM band The Black Eyed Peas) so it makes sense for Fergie to join Slash on stage. Right? Well, she did, and you can see some clips here and here. Thank me later (for ruining your day).

Speaking of former GNR members, Steve Adler was on some show talking about some of his other shows or something. I honestly didn’t pay attention, just watch the clip here and figure it yourself. I’m not your fucking father.

Dream Theater‘s John Petrucci claims he loves Mike Portnoy. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty open-minded and I hope they can finally get married someday. They have the same rights as us.

Rwake have a new album due in September. Is everyone releasing albums this September? Jeez. Anyway, the artwork can be seen here if you: 1. know who this band is and 2. care enough.


Crappy amateur footage of Dream Theater

Dream Theater have a new drummer. The old one left.

Want to hear what they sound like with their new guy? Tough luck, the sound on the video above is very shitty. Atrocious even.

But it does mark the second time this band played with Mike Mangini so turn the volume down and try to watch it without getting motion sickness.

I hate cellphone videos.

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