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Keyboard tribute to Steve Jobs

Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater made a little tribute performance to Steve Jobs.

Although I never met Steve Jobs personally, his work greatly influenced my life and my work. I’m grateful to have been touched by his wizardry and that he shared his vision with all of us. This is a song I wrote for my own iOS instrument called MorphWiz and is a tribute to an amazing and inspirational human being.

Nice one.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs!

[ source: Blabbermouth ]


Mike’s heart will go on… and on

Mike Portnoy

Besides his heart, Mike Portnoy’s drama with Dream Theater is also going on and on and on. Even before you click on the link with the interview, let’s play a guessing game: Did he mention he’s sad because the band continued without him? Did he say he hopes to someday reunite with his former bandmates? Did he blame metal blogs for making fun of him? And did he give people more fuel for their fire when he said his heart is broken?

Yes, yes, yes and god why did he have to say it, but yes. Read the interview here, and make the jump to hear a special song relating to Mike Portnoy’s current predicament.


Want to hear the new Dream Theater?

A Dramatic Turn Of Events... Get it?

I don’t, and you can have it.


Metalheadlines: Nostalgia edition

Nightwish (pictured above, even though I have no idea if that’s the current lineup — nor do I care to find out) are filmmakers now, or something. They’re putting together a movie named ‘Imaginaerum’ and an album of the same name. It will be directed by some guy named… Wait, what’s the point? Just read the full article and spare me from having to write any other details, jeez. The second dude from the left does kinda look like Jake Gyllenhaal though, if I’m honest.

Full Metal Jackie interviewed none other than Scott Ian of Anthrax on her show. Blabbermouth has the audio right here, so you can give it a listen by going to their site, cause they actually have information and content, unlike some other metal sites I could mention. We do have longer dicks, of that I’m sure.

Rage will enter the studio in October. Alex doesn’t care in September, nor will he care in October, either.

Dream Theater will tour Europe with some band called Periphery. And I care about this because…? Oh well, dates after the jump.

Grave have some footage online. By footage I mean two YouTube clips. Do you want to watch them? Me neither, but I will embed them after the jump, just to pretend I’m actually doing something on this stupid site.

Kyuss Lives! is the band Kyuss but without its most well-known member: Josh Homme. For some reason, they make music like that, and Brant Bjork spoke to some site about something and blah blah blah, read the interview here. This may seem lazy writing, but at least it’s honest.

Trivium have some footage from their tour. The footage is online. On YouTube. Is it embedded here? Of course. Why? No idea, but you can make the jump if that’s your cup of tea. I liked the band better when they were called Metallica though.


Daily Dose Of Metal: Dream Theater

Since we posted about Mike Portnoy and Dream Theater below, figured I would treat you guys to a live clip of them playing ‘Under A Glass Moon’ together. I really like the song, and it gets me nostalgic goosebumps when I listen to it.

The solo is amazing. A bit too much whammy, but hey, it’s lovely.

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