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Deftones rehash for Record Store Day

As the music industry slowly breathes its last breath, and as people make a movement from quality to convenience, quantity and being general cheapskates, others have tried to celebrate the awesomeness of something or other through an event called Record Store Day, or something… Fuck it, I have no idea what I’m talking about all right, I admit it.

But anyways, a whole bunch of bands will be releasing some exclusive releases especially for some independent retailers for that special day. So if you want some over-priced vinyl, with songs you’ve already had for about a million years, then why not shell out for the Deftones “Covers” LP coming out April 16th (that would be the day of “Record Store Day” duh)? It’ll be totally awesome. Who cares if you already downloaded those tracks, like 5 years ago, for free? Or better yet, bought the B Sides album which already has 70% of those tracks on it? Now is the time to own them on vinyl. Wowzers!1

I’m not even kidding BTW. Every single track on the LP has been heard before. And labels wonder why people have given up on the industry and just download instead. Anyways, the tracklisting can be found above in case you haven’t realized yet.


Deftones prove they’re not mellow

Deftones have finally managed to do something metal. Did they write a really heavy riff? Did they pull off a long solo? Did Chino sound like a man?

No. Actually, the band managed to do this — by doing nothing. Apparently, they didn’t show up for a show in Bangkok, which made a lot of people angry for some reason. So they started rioting. And rioting is a moshpit without the music anyway, right? They did however manage to appear on time in Singapore, and seems they had a good time (picture above; taken very recently because it’s just been posted on Twitter by the band, probably to prove they don’t piss off people everywhere). You can watch two videos of the riot footage after the jump.


Dose of the Nu

Nu-Metal isn’t exactly the most popular of genres. It’s the guy that never got the prom date, the girl that was still a virgin at 35, and the guy that was always picked last for sports. It’s the underdog, and in many respects, that’s exactly why so many kids identified with the genre. Let’s be honest though, the year is no longer 1999 and most of us have since grown up and realized the music was crap.

However, for every 1,000 misogynistic, shitty songs about sex, and every 2,000 songs about how much parents suck, there was at least one or two gems that actually stood out from the cesspit of a genre.

So, want to listen to 5 Nu-Metal songs that don’t suck (well in my opinion, feel free to disagree)? Then get your dosage after the jump. Before you do though, please realize that I don’t care who or what is Nu-Metal as I don’t even recognize it as a real genre. So don’t bother telling me that some a band is actually “Industrial Aggro Alternative Carnival Funk Grunge Metal” instead please, because not only do I not care, I also don’t care.



German technical Death Metallers, War From a Harlots Mouth have posted a cover version of Deftones’ Hexagram on their Facebook page.

Check it out at the link above. That’s if Death Metal bands you’ve never heard of, covering 90’s Nu-Metal bands, is your thing. I’d check it out myself, but it seems googling “War From a Harlots Mouth” brings up porn, so you know, I’m a bit busy now…


A nostalgic nu-moment in Paris

I’ve never liked Papa Roach, but I kinda respected their will to not wear sponsored clothing when they hit it big, as other bands at the time were doing it. But then all the respect went out the window when I saw Jacoby Shaddix looking like a Fall Out Boy member. God, just look at that photo!

Anyway, apparently Mr. Shaddix joined Chino Moreno on stage in the most romantic city in the world. Did they kiss? No idea, but they did perform “7 Words” together. Aww, bless them.

Make the jump to see the video of this performance.

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