Deftones rehash for Record Store Day

As the music industry slowly breathes its last breath, and as people make a movement from quality to convenience, quantity and being general cheapskates, others have tried to celebrate the awesomeness of something or other through an event called Record Store Day, or something… Fuck it, I have no idea what I’m talking about all right, I admit it.

But anyways, a whole bunch of bands will be releasing some exclusive releases especially for some independent retailers for that special day. So if you want some over-priced vinyl, with songs you’ve already had for about a million years, then why not shell out for the Deftones “Covers” LP coming out April 16th (that would be the day of “Record Store Day” duh)? It’ll be totally awesome. Who cares if you already downloaded those tracks, like 5 years ago, for free? Or better yet, bought the B Sides album which already has 70% of those tracks on it? Now is the time to own them on vinyl. Wowzers!1

I’m not even kidding BTW. Every single track on the LP has been heard before. And labels wonder why people have given up on the industry and just download instead. Anyways, the tracklisting can be found above in case you haven’t realized yet.

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