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Iron Cradle of Maiden Filth

Cradle of Filth like to compare themselves to Iron Maiden. I mean, why not? They’re basically Iron Maiden if you take away talent, legend status, skill, record sales and pretty much everything that makes Iron Maiden, well… Iron Maiden. Still, they’re pretty similar.

We’ve always been likened to Maiden. A few people have described us as Iron Maiden on crack. The whole band was totally into Maiden when we started and we thought we could do the same thing but we didn’t want to because there was a death metal scene happening right around then. So we decided to get into that and mix it up with the Maiden stuff we liked and put lots of horror like keys and stuff on top of it and that’s how we started.” said Paul Allender while applying mascara to his face.

Read full interview here.

Iron Maiden on crack, you say? Well I agree with the “crack” part, I just can’t see the similarities to one of the best metal bands of all time. Oh, they all look like Eddie, does that count?

When asked why he is so modest and humble, Paul Allender had no comment.


Dani Filth isn't a Cheryl Cole fan

Dani Filth (most likely not his real name) of Cradle of Filth was recently interviewed by the site, I Like Music (which in itself is fairly ironic), in which Mr Filth makes a variety of jokes comments.

Dani claims the band like to make no two albums the same. That said, they don’t seem to be against making over 10 million albums of the exact same music. Dani then goes on to criticise British Pop singer, Cheryl Cole, for “not being able to sing.” Am I missing something here, or has Dani never listened to his own singing?

Read the interview over at I Like Music.


Cradle of Filth can land you in jail

So apparently an Australian Cradle of Filth fan is facing quite a hefty sentence… Now, I don’t mind a bit of music justice, but apparently this isn’t because of an Australian “decent music taste” law at all. It was all over a this shirt… Say what?

“Alexsei Vladmir Nikola was due to appear in court Thursday morning (October 7) on public nuisance charges after Brisbane police officers allegedly saw him wearing a shirt featuring the words “Jesus Is A Cunt” in large letters and shows a picture of a semi-naked, masturbating nun.

Public nuisance charges? What the hell? Granted, I do think the shirt is in bad taste, I mean, why is the nun semi-naked? Shouldn’t she be fully naked while masturbating? That’s just common sense.  Also, I am all for arresting people with awful taste in music, but not over a stupid Jesus shirt. Besides, God has to have a sense of humor, otherwise Cradle of Filth wouldn’t exist in the first place. Logic, dear Christians, logic!

Read full article here. And since we’re on the subject, this band released a new song which you can listen to here.


Cradle of poop go pop

Enjoy homoerotic S&M videos featuring clowns in drag, backed by gothic pop music?

Good news then, Cradle of Filth have released a new video for Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned), taken from the forthcoming album, Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa, due for release November 1st.

Video after the jump.


Cradle Of Leak

Pop-Gothic Metal band Cradle of Filth got with the times. They have a site for their new album, they’re leaking songs, streaming samples and even launching iPhone apps. My God… The only thing missing from their arsenal is a wi-fi dildo with Twitter capabilities.

Getcha’ geek on here.

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