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Holy shit you guys, Black Veil Brides are rebelling!

Black Veil Brides

Wow, I’d hate to be a parent of a 13 year old teenage girl, because music like this is probably the soundtrack to her life — no one understands her, the cutie goth kid totally didn’t reblog her anti-establishment gifs on Tumblr, and on top of it all, she has to deal with parents who are concerned about her general well being and not being used by the 16 year old sleezeballs who go around wearing Black Veil Brides t-shirts in school and smoking menthol cigarettes during lunch break.

Tough luck sweetie, but at least you can look forward to the new EP by Black Veil Brides, titled Rebels. #occupyhottopic

Hey, one final note, did you notice I managed to make fun of them without mentioning their appearance, even once. I should get a freaking medal.

You can watch two trailers for the EP right after the jump, but you probably won’t. Who can blame you?


Friday Top 10: Popular metal videos on YouTube

Hi. So what I did was, I searched for ‘metal’ on YouTube and then sorted the results by view count. I got a lot of random results that had nothing to do with metal/rock music at all, which I’ve removed, and then I was left with the 10 most popular metal videos.

Well, technically it’s the top 10 most popular search results for the keyword ‘metal,’ but you get the point.

Is this an educated study of heavy metal popularity and a thorough analysis of viral videos within the very same genre? LULZ, get real, dumbass — this is Dose Of Metal. I just clicked a few buttons on that crappy video site and then made an article out of it.

Make the jump and witness the mediocrity.


The Golden Gods Awards trailer is here

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t trust any award ceremony where they honor Gods and I’m not nominated. So don’t hold it against me if I’m not extremely excited for this ceremony.

But its trailer has hit the net (as seen above) and it does feature a Pantera song so how bad can it be? Well, let’s put it this way… Avenged Sevenfold seems like the big winner of the evening.

By the way, this already happened last month, but it’s gonna be aired more than a month later because, why would you need to show it as it happens? It’s just an award ceremony, it’s not like anyone will post the awards rendering the whole night useless as the ‘excitement factor’ disappears. Get real, yo.

Make the jump for a list of what will happen so that you don’t have to actually watch it.

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