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Black Label Society aren’t greedy

Zakk Wylde may need a shower… And a diet… But he doesn’t need yo’ money, yo. Because the upcoming Black Label Society album is available for streaming. All of it.

At least this is what a few sites are saying… But the link they’re all giving is this one, and it brings me to a movie soundtrack that looks like it comes from a flick so lame, that if you watch it, you automatically get bullied.

So, yeah, are people making fun of me or what’s up? I really wanted to find the correct link for the album so I can ignore it like I ignore all the other BLS releases.

Anyway, the album is called The Song Remains Not The Same (really, what happens to it? I’m intrigued!!!) and it features a lot of awesome metal stars like country legend John Rich, amongst others. It sounds REALLY interesting. I think AOL pulled it from streaming to do us a favor.

Oh well, check out the cover and track listing after the jump.


Bang your head, Scotty

William Shatner as Captain Kirk

William Shatner is not only known for his role of Captain Kirk’s mask in the Halloween movie franchise. He’s pretty much not known at all, because Star Trek got a reboot and our target audience grew up listening to Linkin Park and watching Friends, the greatest sci-fi TV show of all times. Seriously, a guy like Ross would never bang Rachel in real life.

I kid (about William Shatner). He’s a cool dude, and he just got cooler in our little black book. Why? Well, he’s making a new album (and yes, he makes albums), one themed around heavy metal and space (just like Fear Factory, they make heavy metal and take a lot of space), and it’s announced members of Black Label Society, Queen and Deep Purple are involved. He will also receive an Honorary Headbanger award at the Revolver Golden Gods award. What a guy.


Dancing With The [middle-aged rock]Stars

Stop the [word]presses! Zakk Wylde is apparently campaigning to get on ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ Oh say it isn’t so.

“Black Label Society ear-smasher and all-around badass Zakk Wylde is looking for your support. No, Ozzy Osbourne’s former main man isn’t looking to headline Donington or crash the Big Four tour. Instead, the hirsute hellion is angling to be the latest celebrity to brave the perils of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars program. Yes, according to his MySpace page, Zakk just wants to dance.

Fans are encouraged to visit ABC.com to cast their vote for what would surely be the most entertaining hour of television… ever.

Read full article here.

I hope this is either a hoax or Zakk drank more Johnnie Walked Black Label than usual and tried to be funny.


Scorpions and Opeth at Hellfest

Scorpions (pictured above), Ozzy Osbourne, Opeth, Black Label Society and many others have been confirmed for next year’s Hellfest, taking place July 17-19, 2011 in Clisson, France.

Poster with all bands attending, after the jump. More info at the official site.


New Black Label Society video

I’d really like to talk about Black Label Society’s new video ‘Overlord,’ but I can’t get the damn player to load for me.

Maybe you can though, try after the jump.

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