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Best-Wylde tour

Zakk Wylde will be touring Best-Buy stores all across the country (I’m exaggerating, it’s only 3) to promote his new cd, signature guitars, etc… BYOB!

Dates after the jump.


Whiskey can't cure everything

Singer, guitarist and unintentional comedian Zakk Wylde had to cancel two shows from his tour after having a blood clot in his leg.

The shows will be rescheduled for free and the rest of the tour seems to be unaffected,  so why am I really writing this? God, I need a fucking job.


Black Label Video

You know, Kirk Hammett gets a lot of shit for his overuse of the wah pedal, but nobody really says anything about Zakk Wylde’s. Why is that? Is it because Kirk actually showers?

Anyway, apparently Zakk and his band, Johnnie Walker Black Label Society just shot a video.

Black Label Society recently shot a video for the song “Overlord”with directors Eric Zimmerman (who?) and Nik Jamgocyan (who?) of Master Cylinder (oh right, now I know </sarcasm>). The track comes off the band’s new album, “Order Of The Black.”

Not only do I not know who the directors are, but I can’t even spell their names properly without insulting some country or culture from God-knows-where. This isn’t really news. Why am I posting it, then? No fucking clue… Why are you reading it, smarty pants? I know you are, but what am I? Fuck off…

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