Black Label Society aren’t greedy

Zakk Wylde may need a shower… And a diet… But he doesn’t need yo’ money, yo. Because the upcoming Black Label Society album is available for streaming. All of it.

At least this is what a few sites are saying… But the link they’re all giving is this one, and it brings me to a movie soundtrack that looks like it comes from a flick so lame, that if you watch it, you automatically get bullied.

So, yeah, are people making fun of me or what’s up? I really wanted to find the correct link for the album so I can ignore it like I ignore all the other BLS releases.

Anyway, the album is called The Song Remains Not The Same (really, what happens to it? I’m intrigued!!!) and it features a lot of awesome metal stars like country legend John Rich, amongst others. It sounds REALLY interesting. I think AOL pulled it from streaming to do us a favor.

Oh well, check out the cover and track listing after the jump.

1. Overlord (Unplugged version)
2. Parade Of The Dead (Unplugged version)
3. Riders Of The Damned (Unplugged version)
4. Darkest Days (Unplugged version)
5. Juniors Eyes
6. Helpless
7. Bridge Over Troubled Water
8. Can’t Find My Way Home
9. Darkest Days (featuring John Rich)
10. The First Noel

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