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Review: Anthrax – Worship Music

Worship Music, Anthrax’s tenth studio album, does not just come along with over sixty minutes of music, it will always be remembered for the happenings surrounding the band between 2007 and 2010.

When Anthrax announced their new vocalist — until then, a mostly unknown Dan Nelson — in late 2007, a lot of people were skeptical. Parallels could be drawn to the initial reactions John Bush received in 1992, who was also unknown to mainstream audiences despite his critical success with Armored Saint. Even though Bushthrax split their fanbase into two camps — those who still loved the band and those who wished for a comeback of Belladonna — the band finally released a critical acclaimed album in 2004. At the time hailed as a comeback to form, We’ve Come For You All marked Bush’s last album with Anthrax.

People who were skeptical of Dan Nelson were proven right when he was fired from the band, in 2009. Even though the band had finished recording Worship Music by then, they decided not to release it with Nelson’s vocals. After a short comeback stint of John Bush, Joey Belladonna returned to Anthrax in 2010. The band returned to the studio to rewrite and rerecord the album with him.

Worship Music is not just Anthrax’s first album with Joey Belladonna since 1990’s Persistence Of Time, it’s an album that was four years in the making and saw three different singers. All of them were considered to record vocals for it and two of them actually recorded vocals for it.

Even though every Anthrax fan still has it in mind, you have to put all of it aside and listen to the album with an open mind. I tried and you can read my thoughts after the jump.


Metalheadlines: Nostalgia edition

Nightwish (pictured above, even though I have no idea if that’s the current lineup — nor do I care to find out) are filmmakers now, or something. They’re putting together a movie named ‘Imaginaerum’ and an album of the same name. It will be directed by some guy named… Wait, what’s the point? Just read the full article and spare me from having to write any other details, jeez. The second dude from the left does kinda look like Jake Gyllenhaal though, if I’m honest.

Full Metal Jackie interviewed none other than Scott Ian of Anthrax on her show. Blabbermouth has the audio right here, so you can give it a listen by going to their site, cause they actually have information and content, unlike some other metal sites I could mention. We do have longer dicks, of that I’m sure.

Rage will enter the studio in October. Alex doesn’t care in September, nor will he care in October, either.

Dream Theater will tour Europe with some band called Periphery. And I care about this because…? Oh well, dates after the jump.

Grave have some footage online. By footage I mean two YouTube clips. Do you want to watch them? Me neither, but I will embed them after the jump, just to pretend I’m actually doing something on this stupid site.

Kyuss Lives! is the band Kyuss but without its most well-known member: Josh Homme. For some reason, they make music like that, and Brant Bjork spoke to some site about something and blah blah blah, read the interview here. This may seem lazy writing, but at least it’s honest.

Trivium have some footage from their tour. The footage is online. On YouTube. Is it embedded here? Of course. Why? No idea, but you can make the jump if that’s your cup of tea. I liked the band better when they were called Metallica though.


The Big Four Guitar World cover is here

The Big Four are featured in a Guitar World issue and we got the cover exclusively! If by ‘exclusively’ you mean ‘stolen from Blabbermouth.’ The cover is after the jump, and by the looks of it, the magazine itself features a poster of Dave and Jaymz fist-bumping each other. Sounds awesome, too bad this isn’t 1985.

Anyway, the site Glenrock Patch conducted an interview with Scott Ian, Tom Araya and David Ellefson about The Big Four and you guessed it, same type of questions, same type of answers. Read the predictable article here.

If you’re going to the NY Big Four show, we’re hosting a party on Skype for you guys, we can all like, videochat and drink beer together!!! [/lies]


Joey Belladonna thinks he’s a ‘last resort’

Current Anthrax singer Joey Belladonna thinks he’s the band’s last resort, revealing in a recent interview that he’s, well, a ‘great last resort.’

It’s interesting to think that I’m the last resort and sadly enough I think that I’m a great choice to have as a last resort [laughs]. It does seem to be that way as I’m never at the top of their agenda and all I can really do is smirk as I can’t fuss over it or cry over it and nor do I want to do any of the above.

Read full interview here.

LULWUT? Maybe you shouldn’t admit this to the press, Joey. You do know the other members can read the internet too, right? It’s how the web works.

Seems just like a piece of gossip that might eventually create some tension within the band, is all. I mean, if you have something to say, just say it to them, not to some ‘rock website.’ Just my two cents, though. You shouldn’t listen to me. The only band I had was when the other nerds from my class came over for grape juice and Rock Band. ON A FRIDAY NIGHT.

Porn > Rock Band, in case you had any questions.


Worship Samples


Anthrax‘s highly anticipated new album, Worship Music, hits the stores September 13. That much we know. What we didn’t know and were highly anticipating is, who exactly would the singer on the album be. And wow, it is Joey after all!

Sorry, but I feel like we haven’t made an Antrhax singer joke in a while. That explains the photo above as well. In case you still can’t believe it for yourself, you can find samples for the entire album over at JPC.de. I’d tell you something about it, but as soon as I saw that tracks were labeled Track 1 through Track 14, my OCD got over me and I closed that tab.

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