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Benante thinks metalheads are not open-minded

Anthrax drummer and Lady Gaga fan Charlie Benante doesn’t have the nicest things to say about a metalhead’s ability to be open-minded about music.

This is what he said in a recent interview:

I think the metal scene struggles… how can I put this it without sounding bad- most true metal heads are not the most open minded people when it comes to music. They like what they like and they want that- and you have to deliver that. If you go a little left field, I don’t know man, that’s taking some chances there and you have to deliver. With this record, it is truly a heavy metal record. There’s no other influence on this record other than hard rock and heavy metal.

Read full interview here.

Huh? What is he on about. Metallica went through 30 genres and they never got any shit for it. [big ass rollin’ eyes here]

I guess he is right, it’s not like we’re the most open-minded people out there, is it? I hate almost every genre out there, and I dislike most rock subgenres.

Let’s face it, we suck. Fuck ourselves!


The throne is dead

Dead Throne (The Devil Wears Prada)

The Devil Wears Prada, the band you might know by all the jokes I made about their name, have fucking owned me. And metal in general. The band’s latest offering, Dead Throne, which came out last Tuesday cracked the US Top 10. Barely, because they got the 10th spot.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, hey, you can buy enough CDs of your own to get to the Top 10 nowadays, but the worst thing about this: they fucking got in, Anthrax is #12. Shame on you, America.


Scott Ian sums up parenthood with Nike slogan

Scott Ian, of Anthrax fame, is a father now. Although many believed he had adopted a pet raccoon and stuck it to his chin, that was just a rumor I made up. But he really did give Meat Loaf a grandson, so check out how he describes ‘fatherhood’:

You just do it!

Read full interview here.

Wow, Scott, that’s some insightful shit right there. Are you trying to strike a deal with Nike, or what? Here’s my advice, if you want their attention, go for the ‘Big Four‘ pitch instead. Once they hear Metallica is involved, they’d be all “$core!!!” about it.

Seriously though, his answer is much more detailed than that, but you know me.

Congrats one more time on the mini-metalhead, Scott.


Like a rolling stone…

Lars Ulrich, the guy who starred in the comedy “Dude, why are we crying and talking to a faux-shrink? We’re fucking rich and famous and should be real men in our mid-40s!!!” (alternative title: Some Kind of Monster), talked to Rolling Stone magazine about the recent Big Four gig at the Yankee Stadium in New York.

The interview is above, and you guessed it: Lars talks about the ‘good vibe,’ nostalgia, and blah blah blah. At no point have I heard any mentions of ‘buttloads of cash,’ ‘new Mercedes lease,’ or ‘brand new painting’ — which to me, sound like the real reasons they’d pretend to get along with the other bands.

But hey, judging from some of the footage and photos I’ve seen, it looked like an awesome show. I would have loved to be there, but I’m not rich, so I can’t even afford a hotdog at the Yankee Stadium, let alone a ticket.

With two Big Four shows under my belt, I can honestly say, in spite of my being skeptical of this new-found friendship they keep talking about, being at a Big Four show is pretty awesome. Even if you think the bands suck now, they’re still pretty good live. Well, some of them are.

So next time they’ll play together, and believe me — $$ there will be a next time $$ — try to make it. It’s really better than sitting at home and streaming porn.

Actually, it’s kind of the same thing. What does jerking off have in common with going to a Big Four show? You feel fucked at the end, but you’re pretty sure it wasn’t by a girl. ZING!!!

I keed, I keed, it’s a pretty good show.


Big 1 + 3 played New York

Last night marked The Big 4 playing the East Coast for the first time, which means I now have to cover it. MetalSucks and Metal Injection did the unthinkable and actually live-blogged a live show, which is kinda lame if you ask me, but then again, I get a free article out of this, so it’s a win for me.

To sum it up: same old same old, Gary Holt instead of Jeff Hanneman, Motorhead‘s Overkill instead of Am I Evil and members of Exodus joining the stage for that performance as well? (and you can see the clip of that above). That is all. We are now anxiously awaiting for The Big Four to announce the first show on the Moon, while this wave is still fresh for riding… Kidding aside, I actually enjoyed the mashup performance a lot, even with 30 people on stage.

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