Amon Amarth premiers new song

Professional journalism should be fairminded and you shouldn’t include your own opinion into articles but I say fuck that and I’ll go on record saying once again, if you don’t like Amon Amarth, you can kiss my ass. This band eats, shits and breaths metal. A while ago, we showed you the artwork for the upcoming album, including the tracklist. Today, we’re giving you the first song, ‘War of the Gods’.

I’m not going to act like this is exclusive because it’s all over YouTube and Full Metal Jackie premiered it but for those who don’t listen to FMJ’s show and/or search for new Amon Amarth songs on YouTube daily, this might be the first time you’re hearing this song. All I want to say is, we fucking own and so does Amon Amarth. Check out the song after the jump but keep in mind that it’s just a shitty rip from a podcast.

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