Black Sabbath are back – and here’s why you need to be excited

11-11-11, it doesn’t matter whether you’re European, whether you’re American, or if you’re from Mars (Where the average American thinks Europe is), that date format should be correct to all around the universe. It is known as the day when the greatest Metal band of all time, its creators, Black Sabbath announced they are to reform.

Now, I am aware of the following things:

1. “The band have reunited with Ozzy in 1997 and continued to 2006 without releasing any new music.”

2. “Even if they did release new material, it will suck”

3. “I saw the band in 2004 and they sucked”.

4. “Ozzy is pretty much dead and probably being controlled by Sharon with a remote control. He even needs a Teleprompter”

But here’s the thing… The band could have easily NOT have reformed before sadly, one by one, members pass away. This could be your last time to see the band, and speaking as someone who hasn’t, I want this opportunity and so should you. It’s a world tour, so where ever you are, go see the band!

Next, Sabbath plan to finally release a new album. I know things fell through last time, but hopefully this time it’ll be different. Look, it’s 2011 and we KEEP being reminded how records supposedly “don’t sell anymore”. It’s being drummed into us on a daily basis. Bands reform and they go on as a nostalgia act touring big festivals and odd shows in order to make a buck (see Faith No More, Rage Against the Machine etc). This is different, the band seem to still have that fire inside of them and that desire to continue making music. Frankly, I don’t care if it’s not their best, but a brand new Sabbath album in 2012 or 2013, or whatever, amongst the Lady Gagas and Keishas of this shitty time in music, is an astonishing thing.

If you’re not excited for this reunion, you know where the X is 😉

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