Weekly Dose of Metal: Hypocrisy

Last week the unthinkable occurred; no ‘Weekly Dose of Metal’ was posted. I know what you’re thinking; “Holy fucking monkey balls!” right? Wait, what’s that, you didn’t even notice? Ah well. You may have also not noticed that I haven’t been too active on the blog recently. Where have I been? No doubt you’d expect me to insert some sort of joke about me discovering a certain porn star and needing a week’s annual leave to masturbate continuously, but that would just be immature wouldn’t it?

If you’re still reading this by now, congratulations, you deserve a medal for deciphering through my poorly written opening paragraph, that has nothing to do with neither Metal nor Hypocrisy. So as a reward, you can listen to the song ‘Deathrow/No Regrets’ (wow, two names? That’s almost as awesome as my two penis’s), taken from the album Into the Abyss, below.

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