A Megadeth fan got arrested

It’s nice to know that while drug dealers, pimps, pedophiles, murderers and hip-hop fans roam the streets with no problem, police is pretty vigilant about internet trolls.

Trevor Fenton and Pat Ryan, hosts of The MeltDown Show on HardRockRadioLive, were taking song requests on Tuesday afternoon when a listener logged into the station’s chat room as, “Watch_The_National_new_tomorrow_I_am_going_to_go_a_shooting_spree_in_Appleton_WI.”

The listener asked the hosts to play “Killing is my business . . . and business is good,” by the American heavy metal band Megadeth, writing that it would be, “good music to go postal & kill a bunce of people to.”

‘We had to take that threat seriously, we couldn’t ignore him. That was something we just couldn’t ignore and not report,” said Ryan. “It could have been a prank. But if he was serious and something happened, I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself.’

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Great job, guys. Another internet nerd is in jail, the world is that much safer now. It’s not like we can be too careful with people who want attention online.

I feel so safe knowing that police will arrest trolls at their first offense. Next stop, Blabbermouth comments.

[ Source: Blabbermouth ]

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