Ex Korn guitarist likes the word ‘struggle’

As a regular reader of Dose of Metal, you’ll probably have noticed that my appearance on the site has been lacking somewhat in the last couple of weeks. You see, I’ve been going through some life struggles. You know, the usual struggles; like should I get up or stay in bed for another hour? Should I have left over pizza for breakfast, or would cereal be healthier? Should I masturbate again or is once enough for one day? And so on.

Brian ‘Head’ Welch, formally of Korn, has also been having some struggles of his own. Unlike my problems though, I doubt anyone really gives a shit about Head’s struggles. If you do care, you can find a new post by Head over at Blabbermouth. Like Brian Welchy Welch, though, I would have to question your sanity.

Head has also revealed that a new EP is on the way next year, and that the first single, ‘Paralyzed’, will be out October 4th. Lucky us, huh?

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