Cult of Luna cover Unbroken

Cult of Luna, one of my favorite bands in recent times, have been hard at work writing for a new album, and have announced that recording will begin this Autumn. Great news, I know, but what about us impatient cunts?, I hear you ask.

Well, in the mean time, the band have posted an exclusive cover of Unbroken‘s ‘Recluse’ over at the band’s Myspace page.

I haven’t heard the cover yet, as I stopped using Myspace the second I started talking to girls in real life. Well that and I’m just too fucking lazy to click the link and I’m in bed with a hangover with red raw cock from all the sex wanking I did last night. Life’s tough being me.

If you’re not stuck in 2004, using shitty websites full of glitter and amateur modelling attempt photos, why not check out the band’s Facebook page also for album updates.

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