Mystery of Megadeth’s Public Enemy No. 1

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)

Hey, if you go over to Megadeth‘s website, you can stream their new song, Public Enemy No. 1. It comes out as a digital single on Tuesday, September 13, the day that’s also Dave Mustaine’s birthday.

Woah, fuck the song, let’s dig into this some more. Megadeth‘s album is also called Th1rt3en! This is just crazy. You know what also happened on September 13? Tupac got shot, that’s what happened! Holy shit you guys, can’t you see the connections? Public Enemy No. 1 is also the song by Public Enemy, featuring cryptic lyrics such as “Ya know what I’m sayin'” — I think I do. The mind blowing thing about this is that Public Enemy’s version of the song was also sampled by Puff Daddy in his own version called PE 2000.

We all know what that clearly means though. Puff Daddy obviously killed Tupac because he gained the most out of it, that much we know by all the proof that’s been circulating on the internet over the years. What no one ever could figure out is how he managed to do it, and I think that by deciphering these clues Dave Mustaine is leaving us, we can now see that it was him who did it. I mean, who would suspect a ginger involved in some gangsta wars. Just think about it, it’s quite genius. You can also see Dave has had a tough time after that and he’s been leaving us messages, just like Tupac. I mean, why would he name Megadeth‘s 1997 album (the one written around the time of Tupac’s death) Cryptic Writings?

Everything matches up (one thing I still haven’t figured out, see it after the jump). You can join me in my quest for truth over at davemustainekilledtupac.com

Megadeth - Public Enemy No. 1 single cover

Note how the glasses sort of look like the ones that Kanye West uses. I'm having trouble figuring out what he has to do with this, but I think I'm close to figuring it out

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