Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – a reunion in the works?

Could this be the comeback of the decade? Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward and the walking dead (Ozzy duh) have reportedly reunited Black Sabbath, with a new album to follow next year.

*fap* *fap* *fap*

Ok, so Ozzy has the vocal range of Steven Hawking, and as many brain cells left as I have pubes, but you just know that musically this should be fairly awesome. Well it’s got to be better than Black Veil Brides and the rest of the shit that’s currently clogging up Metal magazines’ space.

One thing I will put out there… Take this with a grain of salt. Allegedly Tony Iommi has confirmed to Birmingham Mail that the band have reunited, but Metal Hammer are claiming that nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Get even more news over at Blabbermouth. I’d say this news is probably worth straying away from your porn for.

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