Kiss won’t kiss MJ goodbye

It was reported that Kiss would be part of a Michael Jackson tribute concert, but we didn’t post about it because we had better stuff to do…

But now it’s being reported that Kiss got kicked out of the gig, and we’re writing about it because, well, we’re lame and hypocritical. Apparently fans ratted Gene out:

We have listened to Michael’s fans and are grateful to have been alerted to these unfortunate statements by Gene Simmons.  Under the circumstances we fully agree that even though Kiss is a band Michael admired we have no choice but to rescind our invitation to them to appear in our tribute concert.

Read full article here.

So a couple of MJ fanboy snitched to the promoters that Gene actually called Michael a pedophile, so they gave him the boot. That’s pretty awesome… To be fair, I really don’t care about this story at all, so I have nothing else to add.

There are a few child puns I could try but let’s not get carried away here.


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