Five Finger Death Punch guitarist is a tough guy

It’s one of those lazy Saturdays where there’s fuck all to do, so here I am posting once again on Dose of Metal. That means I’ve already masturbated four times today and I’ve run out of things to do. Lucky you, you get to read another amazing post from me.

In the exciting world of Metal today, is an interview with the guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch, Zoltan, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting.com. I don’t really know who the guitarist is, nor do I care, but a segment of the chat can be found below.

“we get a lot of flak from people who say, “This is bro metal,” or “This is tough-guy music.” And you know what?! Yeah! It’s like, fuck you! I don’t play music for the pussies. It IS tough-guy music!”

Source: Blabbermouth

Awesome, thanks for clearing that up Zoltan, but that doesn’t really quite justify why your music is so shit. By the way, what was Power Rangers like and was the pink ranger as hot as she seemed on telly?

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