Wake up, fuckers

It’s Saturday morning (at least it is in my part of the world), and I’m hoping you’re ready to tell that hangover to fuck off, and blast some modern heavy fucking metal.

This morning I was introduced to a band called Whitechapel. I had heard the name before, probably even heard some of the music, but for some reason I never bothered to really sit down and actually listen to the music, properly. So, I browsed over to Wikipedia and found my answer as to why I never checked the band out – apparently the band are categorized as ‘deathcore’, a genre I’ve just never been able to get into.

I don’t know if the song below is an anomaly, but it sure as hell doesn’t sound too much like deathcore to me. ‘Reprogrammed to Hate’ features Chino Moreno of Deftones fame, and is taken from 2010’s A New Age of Corruption.

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