Has Mike Portnoy been reading Dose of Metal?

According to Blabbermouth, Mike Portnoy spoke to AOL’s Noisecreep earlier this week about his life since he left Dream Theater, the legendary band he co-founded and led for 25 years.

“The thing that breaks my heart,” stated Portnoy, “is that some of the fans rely more on what’s reported about me than what I’m actually saying at the moment. I see all these sensational headlines on certain web sites that misrepresent what I’m doing, and there are fans that react to that without knowing the real truth. I always try to offer sincere, heartfelt explanations through social media sites, and sometimes that gets lost.

Certain websites have sensational headlines that misinterpret what bands and musicians are doing? Well at least Dose of Metal have never been guilty of that *chuckle* Cough.

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