Corey Taylor: “Don’t follow your dreams”

Corey Taylor is evidently as good a motivational speaker, as he is a Metal artist.

For some bizarre reason, the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman recently spoke at England’s Oxford University. Why? I have no fucking idea (and if you’re wondering what his speech sounded like, it probably had plenty of those ‘f bombs’).

What was Corey’s message to the highly educated crowd of students? Don’t follow your dreams. Wow, thanks for the amazing incite Corey! I think I’ll just stick to masturbating to mediocre internet porn, drinking beer and getting the odd bit of sleep. I mean, may as well stick to what I’m good at right? Who needs dreams any way? Dreams are for pussies.

Blabbermouth also have a video interview that I’m way to lazy to embed. So head over there if you care (and I sincerely hope you don’t).

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