First snippet of new Machine Head album

In the video above, you can hear 30 seconds of Machine Head’s upcoming single ‘Locust.’ The single will be released on June 14 (that’s just in 6 fucking days!) and Machine Head’s upcoming album, the follow-up to The Blackening, also has a release date: September 27.

So let’s give the sample a listen. It sounds… different, especially the vocals sound way different to what we’re used to by Mr. Flynn. I’m not sure if I like the poppy chorus vocals (not sure if it’s actually the chorus, heh) but it’s way too early to judge it just yet.

It does already convince me that this is no Blackening 2 and I’m glad the Head are trying to spice things up there.

This is going to be a long week because I can’t wait to listen to the entire song.

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